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Historic moment - The first-ever governance training for six nascent conservancies in Central Kajiado

Esonkoyo Resort (Kajiado Town) on 13 - 14 June 2023.

First Governance Training for Conservancy Leaders.

The training supported by Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association and hosted by Ramat Wildlife Society trained 33 committee members.

The training covered topics on Conservancy Governance, Board management, ways for Conservancy to derive benefits, understanding of leases and agreements, Policy and Legal Framework for Conservancies, Finance Management, Gender, branding as well as the role of communities in wildlife conservation.

This was the first-ever training for the new conservancies in Central Kajiado and aimed build the capacity of the conservancies to develop programs, manage operations, fundraise, and represent and serve the interests of communities and wildlife.

The six conservancies that sent their board members to the event were:

  1. Kikesen River Conservancy.
  2. Noosikitok Conservancy.
  3. Lorbetera Conservancy.
  4. Oldoinyo Sampu Conservancy.
  5. Parsilet Conservancy.
  6. Kisapuk Conservancy.

The training attracted the leadership of the County Government Department of Wildlife and Tourism which sent their top senior leaders to attend and encourage the conservancies, namely:

  1. CEC Wildlife and Tourism - Janet Sereu
  2. Chief Officer - Joshua Mepukori
  3. Director of Wildlife - Joel ole Nyika
  4. Ruth Letela - Tourism Officer

Also, in attendance was the Chief for Emotoroki Location, Jacinta Kirisia.