About Us

RAMAT Wildlife Society is a representative body for conservancies in Central Kajiado. The bulk of these conservancies are found in the Matapato Rangelands, a 3200 sq km landscape in the northern periphery of the Amboseli National Park Ecosystem.

Where We are:

Central Kajiado, Kenya.

What’s in Our Name?

RAMAT Wildlife Society is a registered legal entity in Kenya under Section 10 of the Societies Act. Registration Certificate #R4443. The name RAMAT, emanates from the Maasai word “Ramatare”, which means holistic management of animals, families, environment and the community in general.

Ramat Wildlife Society was endorsed as a regional representative body by chairpersons of conservancies in Central Kajiado on July 6, 2023.


Our logo carries the image of the Greater Kudu, a special species among the Maasai people. The Greater Kudu is valued for its graceful nature as well as the spiral horns that are used as musical instrumental during festivities.

Our Mission & Vision


To rebuild wildlife habitats by supporting values of tolerance and co-existence between people and wildlife through sustainable.


Rebuilding Healthy Ecosystems for people and wildlife.